Red Lightweight Sling Frame
Dimensions (footprint):width foot end 140cm, head end 120cmlength 188cmheight 194cmweight 16kgBag: L 107cm x W 28cm x H 23cm
Load capacity: 200 kg.
Deluxe Leather VIP Sling - Full set
Shipped within 2 weeks time
Leather sling1 x Leather Head cushion 1 x Leather Back cushion1 x Leather Kidney cushion1 x Cross bar black2 x Leather Foot support2 x Aroma bottle holder8 x Carabiners
2 x 0.50cm chains
1 x Storage Bag
Total Weight: 10.90kg with carton box
Leather Sling 5 points
Shipped within 48 hours
Leather Sling 5 points - leather thickness 3.8mm - Size : 122cm X 114cm 
can support Up to 140kg
Premium quality leather - Vegetable tanned
Red Leather Sling 5 points
Shipped within 48 hours
Red Leather Sling 5 points - leather thickness 3.8mm
Size: 122cm X 114cm ( See photo )
can support Up to 140kg
Premium quality leather - Vegetable tanned
4-point Leather BDSM Sling
Shipped within 48 hours
60X91 cm - 3mm
Sling leather rectangular 4 points of support.Whitout chain kit.
Camo Leather sling + loops + bag
Shipped within 48 hours
Sling camouflage 60 x90Loops 58cm long - enough to fit boots or sneakersStorage bag/transport bagMaximum weight: 200kg
Shipped within 48 hours
Sling: 57cm X 108xmCushion: 23 X 38 - Velcro to maintain on the sling8 CarabinersHolding strapsFoot supportsMaterial: 100% Polyester
Heavy Duty Sling Frame
Dimensions (footprint):width foot end 120 cm, head end 5 cmlength 174 cmheight 196 cmweight 19 kgBag: L 107cm x W 28cm x H 23cm
Load capacity: 300 kg.
Sling Stand For Sling 4-5 Points
Shipped within 2 weeks time
Sling stand for 4 or 5 points slingEasy and fast assembly.Delivered with its carrying bag.Supports up to 170kgMounted dimension: 204 x 150 x 105
Powder PaintingMade in Europe
Weight Sling stand + bag: 31,50kg
Carton : 110cm X 21cm X 30cm
Saint Andrew Cross With Support
Shipped within 2 weeks time
8 hooks for different hanging points on the crossCan be disassembled in 10 parts.Easy to assemble and easy to  store
Powder coating - Grey
High quality metal and welding.Made in EuropeTotal height: 229 cmGround encroachment: 0.90 cm X 0.89 cmWeight : 24kg with carton box
Box: 40cm X 11cm X 160cm
Metal Cage With A Head Hole
Shipped within 2 weeks time
Cage for a slave or human-dog!Cage with 6cm high foam/wooden mattress ( 35kg/m3) - With polyurethaneHead hole in the front door of the cage. Diameter : 18,5cmPossibility to put a padlock to close the cage
Supports up to 150KgUltra-resistant powder coating
Dismontable cage
Inside dimension: 61,50cm x 111,50cm x 65cmMounted dimension: 65cm x 115cm x 115cm x 75cmTotal weight: 34.30KgDelivered in 2 boxes: 13kg / 26,20kgMade in Europe
Complete set wooden pillory and accessories
Production 3-4 weeks
This complete BDSM kit is composed of:

a wooden pillory with openings for the head and wrists. These openings have removable leather padding (by magnet)
metal fastening chains
the accessories: mask, paddle and swift.

It is handcrafted by the Lodbrock brand, in New Zealand wood.With storage box
BDSM Seat The Seat Multi-position
Production 3-4 weeks
This BDSM seat is an ideal accessory to make the sexual moment even more exciting.It allows you to take various positions and have even more fun.The seat and the supports are padded for comfortable use. The elements are adjustable to adapt perfectly to each and everyone.
Compatible with ME Fuck Machine.
Tickling Pillori wooden pillory
Production 3-4 weeks
This wooden pillory is an ideal submissive prop for SM moments.It's made of :

the openings for the wrists (7cm)
the openings for the ankles (9cm)
removable padding (by magnets)
metal frame.

Hands and feet are tied on the same level
Extreme Banging LoveBotz Sex Bench
Production 3-4 weeks
This Extreme Bangin bench is an ideal playroom accessory for having fun and facilitating moments of solo or two-person sex.It's made of :

elastic bands on the top
the support for placing a dildo (Strap-on as for strap-on dildos)
the height of 37cm.

With a width of 48cm and a depth of 45cm.
Made with metal tubes
Sex Game Chair
Production time 3-4 weeks
This play Room accessory is a chair made up of a metal frame and two resistant vinyl bands to support the partner.You can then take various positions on it to increase the possibilities of sexual games.
It is absolutely necessary to have it in a Dungeon worthy of the name.
Maximum supportable weight: 136 kg
Wet play mattress 156 x 187 cm
Production 3-4 weeks
This PVC mattress from the Fist It brand is an ideal playroom accessory for wet games.It makes the moment very slippery with the lubricant to be put in profusion and without limitation.
Height of 16cm for a more serene game.
It can be placed on the floor or on the bed
Inflatable Hot Seat
Production 3-4 weeks
Here is an original sextoy on the gay sex shop which consists of an inflatable cushion with a vibrating dildo.It is round in shape with two handles on the sides for ease of use.
The dildo is 15cm long and 4cm wide with a jelly texture and vibrations.Ideal for innovating! It allows you to sit on it and make it easier to move back and forth and anal sensations
Deluxxe Fantasy Door Swing
Production 3-4 weeks
Thanks to this Pipedream door swing, you will be able to try new sexual positions.She understands :

2 stirrups to place your feet,
2 lever handles to adjust the position of the legs,
2 metal tubes to be able to hang the swing,
And 1 mask to remove the sight of your partner.

Let your imagination do the rest according to your naughty desires.
Fitted Sheet Vinyl Fitted Sheet 160 x 200 cm Black
Production 3-4 weeks
This fitted sheet is made of vinyl. It is placed on the bed and protects the mattress.The sexual game is then more serene.
This fitted sheet is ideal for wet play, pissing and other possibilities of sexual fun.
Dimensions : 160 x 200 cm
Inflatable Cushion with Dildo Location
Production 3-4 weeks
This inflatable cushion is an ideal accessory to bring more originality and pleasure.It is rounded in shape with a central hole allowing you to place a dildo or a plug.
Dimensions: 38 x 33 x 23cmThe hole measures approximately 5cm in diameter.
Soft quality material.
Use with sex toys compatible with strap-on harnesses
Handcuffs Over The Door Colt Camouflage
Production 3-4 weeks
These Over the Door handcuffs are Colt brand accessories designed to hang the arms.They tie the two wrists together and make the Smencore moment hotter.
Width of 7cm with a padded interior (polyurethane) and a camouflage pattern.The handcuffs are removable and adjustable by scratch
Vinyl bed cover 135 x 200cm
Production 3-4 weeks
This bed cover is made of black vinyl. It is ideal for protecting the fabric of the bed and playing in a more serene way.The material is waterproof and perfect for slippery and wet games (especially uro).
Dimensions 135 x 200cm
Black Vinyl Tarpaulin 200 x 230 cm
Production 3-4 weeks
This vinyl tarp is ideal for all fantasies and sexual games involving liquids.Perfect for protecting the floor and tissue when playing with urine and lubricants.
Dimensions 200 x 230cm
Vinyl Playsheet 158 ​​x 227 cm
Production 3-4 weeks
This black tarp is made of vinyl and is ideal for wet sex play. With this accessory you can piss at will and have fun without worrying about the cleanliness of your floor!