Shipping & Return

Shipping & Returns

Shipping your goods

ADKT GROUP packing facilities are located in United States of America, United Kingdom, Belgium/France.

We offer several shipping providers to accompany your needs.

Different speed and different departure locations so you will get your goods with the right speed but also without customs fees or VAT invoice.

For destinations outside of Europe, we do our best to help you avoiding your parcel to be taxed too much, but we can't always avoid a custom check.

We ship worldwide but we use only discreet packaging. The nature of the product is never declared so don't be afraid to receive dildos or poppers on your shipping documents.

Once your order is receive we do our best to ship it as soon as possible. If an item is not in stock we will order it to the manufacturer immediately.

We try to offer three speeds for each destinations:

- economic (between 15 - 21 working days)

- priority (between 5-10 working days)

- express (between 2 and 5 working days)

Our parcels are always tracked and we have an insurance.

Some countries have strange regulations regarding some products we are selling. We can't know those regulations so it's your responsibility to know what you are ordering and if it's legal or not to import.

By experience we have really a very low rate of issues, but in case of problem, we are always trying to help.

Our experience shows that in most cases we get the parcel back and we are able to ship it again after you pay the new shipping fee. We have never got any customer loosing money till now as we have always been able to reship.


For the items in stock, we usually ship your package within2 days.

If an item in your order is out-of-stock, the delivery times may vary, we do everything we can to ship the goods as soon as we get them.

Production time depends of the season and how busy we are but we do our best to give you the faster quality service.

We do not take responsibility for any delays the post offices might have because of their internal issues, or delays at the customs.

Returning your goods

Due to the nature of our products, we do not take returns from used/opened items.

All the products that cause hygienic issue can't be returned.

Same for all the products that could get altered by temperature or storage conditions during the transport.

If you have received an incorrect order, or you want to return the item in its original, unopened state, please contact: